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Reed Burnam's solo album Another Switchback is out January 3, 2017. Reed is a multi-instrumentalist songwriter, currently involved in numerous working bands in the Austin, Texas area (Khali Haat, Ouiness, Many Birthdays). Originally composed in a flash songwriting session over a couple of days back in 2005, Another Switchback was finally properly recorded and produced in 2016 in Portland, Oregon for Ten Dollar Recording Company. Regarding the album, Reed tells us, "For my influences, I was listening to a lot of Guided By Voices and especially Tobin Sprout at the time, along with Leonard Cohen, Capt. Beefheart, Brian Eno's 70's lyrical albums, BJM, Townes van Zandt, Dan Johnston, Nick Drake, and others, so they work in a little bit here and there in either sound or feel. I'm a huge fan of Bill Callahan, and that later informed how I decided to strip these songs down when we recorded them for TDRCo. I originally had wanted the album to be a big, messy, GBV-style rock record, and you can hear that in some of the arrangements, especially like "Favorite One Driving" where it wants to amp up at the end, but I think it works equally well as a more subdued kind of thing." In addition to music and other noodlings, Reed is also a writer and certified permaculture consultant. As of this writing, he's holed up in a village high in the Himalayas in Northeastern India, teaching permaculture and chasing chickens.

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