Portland, Oregon’s perennially groovy Ten Dollar Recording Company label boasts a swelling roster shot right through with homegrown Cascadian psych, lush neo-soul, organic dub, late-night closet rock, freak-folk, soundscapist collage, and other musical experiments. TDRCo is still plowing full steam ahead after over a decade's worth of kaleidoscopic releases, with not a single damn given about what's currently hot or in season on the charts. And with so much variety and talent on their bench, there's almost definitely something here for anyone with ears enough to hear. An obvious strain of melodic experimentation seems to have gotten the better of many of TDRCo’s artists, and there’s a host of elements here that stem from a bygone era, mined at this present juncture to solidly backward-looking yet forward-leaning pyschedelic effect.

Featuring a close-knit roster of independent artists who deftly swap instruments, genres, and headspaces, the TDRCo crew keeps on keeping on, through a hip deep blur of well executed, homemade funk, soul, and psychedelia that manages to keep itself firmly in the garage rather than polishing the goods until they no longer shine. This is the real deal, y'all, go ahead and get you some of it. (Reed Burnam)

New TDRCO Trio Dirty All Summer Releases Debut Single

Ten Dollar Recording Co. is delighted to release the inaugural single by Dirty All Summer. Spotlighting harmonizers Ryan Massad & Mariya May, "Revolution Evolution" is a rousing, mind-bending psych pop kickoff arriving January 13th, 2024 for streams and downloads.

New Mo Douglas Album My Oh My Released November 17th, 2023

"It goes without saying at this point that Portland's own Mo Douglas is no stranger to a mean groove. Over a small pile of albums released over the past 7 or 8 years (sometimes multiple albums per year), Mo and co-collaborator Mariya May have been steadily tweaking a musical formula through a slew of projects and albums that stitches their varied inspirations into a seamless patchwork that, once assembled, sounds like nothing else - deftly fusing harmony, lightness, and ambience onto some often seriously ass-shaking music. Largely instrumental and always in service to the greater melody, Mo Douglas albums are a steady stream of colorful, suggestive vignettes that are fully fleshed out pieces in their own right, yet always suggestive of that eternal jam where the music doesn't ever stop.

Newest release My Oh My is another well-deserved feather in the cap, lushly produced and densely populated with enough musical interplay and sonic dimension to warrant back-to-back listenings - preferably on headphones to aptly let the psychwash of sound and stratospheric basslines really grab you by the boo boo. From angelic singsong opener "Render Back Love" (prominently featuring vocals by the talented May), to surprisingly ambient shoegaze album closer "Thanks for Meeting Me Here", My Oh My is full of ideas and explorations. Particular standouts are the two aforementioned tracks, as well as the titular "My Oh My" (a proper instrumental send up of Leonard Cohen's original) and the delightfully upbeat "Frog Fairies".

Clocking in at just around twenty minutes, you'll want to run this one another round or two after first listening to make sure you got it all, and then probably again just to make sure. Highly recommended." (Reed Burnam)

"Communicating a Concern"
Step Into The Kitchen

Official Video by Bobby Nelson
Release Date: September 22, 2023

"Communicating a Concern" is the new video from the album Sounding Lovely! by Portland-based Step Into the Kitchen. Borrowing from a wide, melodic pastiche of genre and mood and fusing the lot into a layered and harmonious soundscape, "Communicating a Concern" works as several musical pieces in one linear track, resolving thusly into bleary sonic groove, upbeat hum and syncopation, and singsong bass-laden dubscape. Step Into the Kitchen's resident songsters Mariya May and Mo Douglas have for years fashioned sturdy musical bedrock out of tossing the rubble of their wide range of influences into the tumbler, and then grooving on the idiosyncrasies that shake out. "Communicating a Concern" charts the shores of similar territory, with the track sailing easily between familiar ports and unknown waters, culminating in a color wheel flow of feel and melody that's vaguely familiar but wholly original. Stockholm, Sweden-based Bobby Nelson adds an additional layer of visual interest with his similarly flow-form produced video, hazily introducing celestial imagery and clandestine alien observers in the night sky as a compliment to May and Douglas' more earthbound musical sensibilities. They are among us, and you should give them a listen. (Reed Burnam)

Cover Art + Design: RYAN MASSAD



Released July 13th, 2023

DOWNLOAD/STREAM: TDRCO, Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music

It's unusual to discover an album wherein all the tracks hold together so well that you find yourself under a kind of spell for its duration. "Sounding Lovely!" by Step Into The Kitchen kicks off with Mariya May's beautiful harmonic oooh's and then drops the listener into a melodic groove that may have you dancing before making way for a dreamy horn blasting in from another dimension, reminding one of filmmaker/composer Mike Figgis. Trance-inducing, wildly spontaneous, and dusted with cosmic pixie dust, "Sounding Lovely!" is tribal and wild and joyous and reverb-y - an enormous success in mood exhalation and world-creation. "Sounding Lovely!" provides maximum engagement for the senses, and in the end you're like "No! Don't go away..." (Robert G. Nelson)




VIDEO: "Just Living is a Kick" from Sounding Lovely!

VIDEO: TDRCO "Tasty Bites" (Appetizer 2012-2023)

PLAYLIST: "TDRCO: My Heart Unraveled"

Hazy and unfolding like a slow summer evening, Mariya May's unaccompanied live rendition of recent studio single "Made of Stars" lilts gently towards the darkened sky on an updraft of lightly picked guitar and silky vocals. Stripped of ornamentation and captured at the source, the acoustic version of "Made of Stars" puts a spotlight on May's considerable vocal talent, as well as her ear for melody. Recommended summer listening! (Reed Burnam)

Good & Cool Release "Old Work Truck" b/w "Under The Palm Fronds"

February 1, 2023

Download/Stream: Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music

If the mid-winter dregs are bumming you out, a couple of new tracks from Portland-based Good & Cool should be ample fodder to keep your turntable warm until that Spring sunshine is upon us again. A joint side project of TDRCo stalwarts Mo Douglas and Prince Joely (while not attending to their myriad other musical work), Good & Cool has proven themselves capable of seamlessly hopping genres in favor of laying down a solid groove with self-assured efficiency.

Exhibit A - this newest double single with two top-notch instrumental joints on display. "Under the Palm Fronds" ripples through with a smoked-out, downtempo dancehall funk that's as much Talking Heads as it is Scratch Perry, while "Old Work Truck" deftly rides some Black Angels' styled deep-fried southern riffing off into a proverbial psychedelic sunset. Strap in and take off. (Reed Burnam)

The Luckiest Hippie Alive
Tobias Berblinger

Reissue on 180-Gram Vinyl
Released October 6th, 2022


Portland-based troubadour Tobias Berblinger presents the vinyl reissue of his 2018 album The Luckiest Hippie Alive, released on October 6th, 2022. Berblinger played a release show that same day, at the Laurelthirst Public House in Portland.

The Luckiest Hippie Alive delivers a comforting range of country and folk nostalgia, recalling the likes of Gram Parsons, Townes Van Zandt, and Blaze Foley. Opener “My Boots Have Been Drinking” entrances with hazy pedal steel and a swooning vocal duet, setting the album in motion with a sunset-friendly allure.

Twangy, heartfelt introspection and a suave cosmic country drive persist throughout the release. Further energy is conveyed on breezy rock/folk infusions like “Blade of Grass” and the title track, which exudes a playful duet emitting themes of perseverance: “When I’m falling off my horse, there’s another one to carry me.”

In addition to his work as a solo artist, Berblinger plays with other Portland-based artists, performing bass for apocalyptic folk band Roselit Bone and keyboards for singer/songwriter Kassi Valazza. He is also an engineer at Singing Sands Recording Studio, and performs as a live DJ throughout Portland, hosting genre-themed nights such as "Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love," "Death Trip," "Black Acid," and more. Additionally, Berblinger is a professional graphic designer and illustrator.

Prince Joely Delivers New Single:

"The Empathizer (Sha Na Nah)"

July 2, 2022

A new track from Prince Joely, "The Empathizer (sha na na)" unveils hypnotic mystique throughout its steady evolution. Initial guitar whimpers build steadily with a twangy allure. Swooning vocals -- "but now we know how it feels," -- offer further enticement, converging amidst the playful organs and guitar-laden pulses. A lingering, ghostly guitar line closes the track with a satiating glow, reminiscent of Wire's atmospheric art-rock. "The Empathizer (sha na na)" intoxicates with its debonair progressions and anesthetic vocal refrains. (Mike Mineo, Obscure Sound)

VIDEO: "A Fruitful Tenure" by Step Into the Kitchen

Step Into The Kitchen to trip out on a spaghetti space western, thru a sepia-toned kaleidoscope world of the in-between. Sure, you can meditate on your way to a funky party, but we're blasting all the way to the outer realms today. Words escape but still voices ring out and envelope you - don't worry, it's cozy in here. We're going all the way to the edge, and oh yeah, we'll be rewarded for our efforts. Talk about a vibe shift, this latest jam from the otherworldly collective is a true perception-altering adventure, not to be taken lightly. Check your measurements and sift accordingly, this is "A Fruitful Tenure". (Bryan Bruchman)

What in Your Heart Can Put You in a Trance Release New Single

"A Midnight So Sweet"
Release Date: March 20, 2022

Out on March 20, 2022, the newest single from Portland's own What in Your Heart Can Put You in a Trance is shaking off the saturnalia blues and getting busy tilling up some equinox groove sure to raise the mercury. Plowing through the late winter miasma, "A Midnight So Sweet" is shot through with the silky feel of a warm, late night summer slow grind, deftly winding layers of nocturnal dancehall-infused haze and midnight psy-guitar slink around the ankles of vocalist Mariya May's forever sultry musings.

The trio of WIYHCPYIAT's principal players (May, along with fellow multi-instrumentalists Mo Douglas and Prince Joely) are always apt to lay a sonic foundation that smoothly blurs various elements of dub, classic r&b, folk, and psych, and "A Midnight So Sweet" does not disappoint in the least, with the band's earthbound grooving and Prince Joely's shimmering production sure to keep asses swaying. Pick up the midnight sweet of your choice and relax for a spell, this one's going on repeat. (Reed Burnam)

Ten Dollar Recording Co. Presents
Mudrick and May Sing Johnston and Prine

SPLIT EP by Thomas Mudrick & Mariya May
Release Date: February 17, 2022

There are so many songs about the futility of life, and a desire for something better. Songwriters like John Prine and Daniel Johnston are on two ends of a certain spectrum of disproportionately influential musicians whose work has found its way deep into the crevice of our collective psyche - staples in cover sets from bluegrass to shoegaze to psych rock for decades. Why? Do we find hope in the listless ramblings of imperfect heroes? Do we think we can tap into something that they knew when they wrote them? Or are we just asking the same questions over and over, hoping that if we reach a chorus loud enough the sky will open up and rain down the riches of whatever's on the other side?

Thomas Mudrick's contributions to the Ten Dollar Recording Co. world of sound have brought technicolor splashes of rural bliss, a sort of dreamy space folk dragged out of the woods and into the light. A fine soundtrack to a chill fishing trip in heaven. His take on these two songs by Prine and Johnston are bare, direct, and earnest. Rich acoustic performances with subtle embellishment that let the songs and performance shine. On the flip side, we have Mariya May's brighter spin on both tunes - dreamy and playful, with layers and layers of gooey goodness to dig into, accompanied as usual by the inimitable multi-instrumentalist and engineer Mo Douglas. Listen to these - at this point we might as well call them timeless - and imagine your own future, including what might come at the end, because it will. This is a promise with a catch. (Bryan Bruchman)

Portland Band "STEP INTO THE KITCHEN" release debut EP Soups and Starters
CD/DIGITAL: February 17, 2022

Soups and Starters is the inaugural EP from Portland-based band Step Into The Kitchen, out February 17, 2022. From opening track "Roll Out These Triangles" to closer "A Long Peak at the Script", Soups and Starters is a collection of groovy, head-nodding sonic harmonia, underpinned by a seamless mixture of dub, R&B, and psychedelic haze that drips off every track, seeping out to settle into the deep green valleys of Western Cascadia. Though clocking in at just under 12 minutes, there's a lot going on here - aforementioned "Roll Out These Triangles" is an ecstatic reggae-infused dust-up hum-along, while dub-drenched "Pan or Grittle" could be passed off as a Black Ark b-side. Standout track "Thicken and Set" is easy listening for more discerning sets of ears, and album closer "A Long Peak at the Script" pulls in rhythmic vocal incantation and mellow flute lines to induce a dreamy nod to exotic locales just beyond recognition. If you're looking to chase off some of the late winter blues, this sunshine-infused outing may be just the ticket. Get it while the oven's hot. (Reed Burnam)

Mariya May Releases


January 7, 2022

There’s a certain something to a hopeless tune paired with cheery music, and Johnny Cash leaned into that hard on his “All Of God’s Children Ain’t Free” - with plucky, winky-smiled singalong style. But what if we strip away that country sheen, shifting the tune to the classically downer minor chords to fix the vibe - after all irony was successfully killed off with the last century, right? Mariya May gives the song a spin, laying on a darker, more morose vibe that feels modern and timeless, because sadness is forever. The song is a hymnal now, the soundtrack to a procession of misery and despair for 2022 (with a little whistling to brighten things up for good measure), drawn out and spiced up with a tenor sax solo from the inimitable Peter QB that perfectly compliments the playing of Mariya and Mo Douglas. (Bryan Bruchman)

Prince Joely Releases


December 5, 2021

Prince Joely, the royal canine heir to the Ten Dollar Recording Co. empire, slides out another watery groove for the masses. Joel Rasmussen has a way of dipping his paws into different styles as a songwriter and producer, but dub is frequent territory for his instrumental jams, and with “Enjoy Your Life” we’re taking a trip straight to the islands. Joely’s least esoteric release yet, we present a feel-good pleasure ride with steel drum, springy guitars, classic reggae organ, spacey ambiance, and bass that’ll make your nose twitch, among other things. What’s not to enjoy? If you’ve got a life to live, you’re doing great. (Bryan Bruchman)

Mo Douglas Releases 8th Solo Album


October 25, 2021

Mo Douglas - the master chef multi-instrumentalist of Portland’s Ten Dollar Recording Co. - does it again, cooking up the groovy instrumental jams and bestowing upon our ears the best recipes for love, all on dog-eared pages fresh from your mama’s favorite magazines. Mo’s perfectly imperfect concoctions are hand-crafted to bring a smile to your face and open up your mind - psych, funk, soul, dub, jazz, garage rock, but most important of all a perpetual groove - swirling throughout the record as the flavors mingle.

Mariya May Releases Third Solo Album


January 7, 2021

Portland-based singer/songwriter Mariya May's third solo full-length Kiki & Mel's Drive-Time Circus arrived on cassette and on your streams January 7th, 2021. A prolific singer, songwriter, and collaborator, May's presence can be found all over numerous other projects from labelmates across the TDRCo back catalogue, in addition to her own predilections towards penning intimate, sprawling, and dramatic indie-folk. With the playful, hummable, and at times wistfully melancholic Kiki & Mel's Drive-Time Circus, May adds yet another feather to her cap and another album to her steadily growing canon that's sure to be a shaft of sunlight through your winter window. Throughout, May's inner muse shines bright, and you'll be finding yourself wanting to give this one a second listen before heading out to dive further into her extended catalogue of quality releases. (Reed Burnam)

Reed Burnam Releases


April 7, 2021

A hummable take on modern malaise, Reed Burnam's new single "Funeral Selfie" is party mix of acapella vocal, neo-Motown groove, West African guitar, and tongue-in-cheek lyrics. Definitely a must for your post-lockdown grooves. Keep an ear open for Reed's new single, out on Portland's ever-tuned in Ten Dollar Recording Company.


August 27, 2021

Late summer Delta variant blues got you feeling down? For an uplifting inoculation of danceable homespun funk grit, look no further than the new comp Home-Brewed Cascadian Funk (2016-2020), out on Portland, Oregon's always innovative Ten Dollar Recording Co. These 11 tracks should be played loud, and with ample room for grooving - let your dancing feet get you going like it's late 2019 again.


June 20, 2021

Busting at the seams with 11 heavy duty psych-dub cuts, Portland-based Ten Dollar Recording Company's new comp Cascadian Reggae & Dub (2017-2021) channels the earthy, sinuous funk of dark and groovy dubmasters like Lee Perry, Family Man Barret, Augustus Pablo, Yabby You, and Prince Jammy, the TDRCo crew once again digs deep and demonstrates that their stylistic taproots run from the West Coast all the way to the perennially fertile soil of Afro-Caribbean groove. Cascadian Reggae & Dub (2017-2021) skates through experimental chopped and screwed dub jams drenched with blasts of echo and reverb right through dubby vocal reggae with a dream pop sensibility, all while remaining firmly grounded in the hazy rainforest psych glow of the PNW coastal range. This is one of the things TDRCo does best - get this one and get your groove on already.

Three Comps and a Baby is a CD ONLY 2-disc set that collects three Ten Dollar Recording Co. various artists compilations that were initially released digital-only in 2020: The T-D-R-Co Sound: Underground Pop, Folk Boogie, & Neo Dub Collection, The T-D-R-Co Sound: Cooking For Today Collection, and Ten Dollar Friday Night. Includes tracks by Mariya May, Reed Burnam, Chance Wiesner, Prince Joely, Thomas Mudrick, Good & Cool, Mo Douglas, What in Your Heart Can Put You in a Trance, The Ass Nuggets, The Hot Breath, The Dirty Rags.

Amongst the impressive catalog from Portland’s Ten Dollar Recording Company, 2019 full-length We Got a Lot of Love stands out with its gripping songwriting and versatile stylistic allure. The release comes from What in Your Heart Can Put You in a Trance, a project formed in 2011 by Mo Douglas and Mariya May, the duo who head the label. They co-produced the stellar We Got a Lot of Love alongside Prince Joely.

The album features May’s stirring vocals throughout. A strong climatic pull is evident throughout in her vocals' ability to shift seamlessly from suave and entrancing to more raucous heights. Ryan Massad’s vocals also emerge on five tracks, touting a psych-friendly falsetto that furthers the already-diverse sound on display.

Infusing psych-pop with folk, the peppy "It's All In It" grips immediately. A jumpy bass line and frolicking guitars complement a versatile vocal performance from May. The primary verses exude a more laid-back quality, building cohesively into vibrancy and melodic glee. “I Got You Singing” and “It’s All In It” consume as the album’s opening tracks, accessible and immersive in their enthusiastic meshing of rock, folk, and pop.

Later experimental forays, like the free-jazz conversing on “The Air Smells Fresh” and the breezily funky ‘70s nostalgia of “My Love (It's True), Pt. 2,” separate distinctively from the album’s initial sound, though succeeding similarly. Several tracks with a blues-fronted allure also stand out. The bluesy guitar bites within “You Got Our Hearts” tastefully complement the track’s dazed tone, the rhythm section fit for saloon-set galloping, rounding into a lovely organ-laden hook at the two-minute turn. “Eight Thousand Dollars For a Lunch” pursues a bluesy fervor with eclectic instrumentation. A steady R&B backbone accompanies flute, enveloping organs, and intoxicating vocals; May’s hypnotic lead and Prince Joely’s spirited backing vocal additives lead this fun romp of a track.

In its more sentimental spectrums, We Got a Lot of Love charms with its themes of optimism, the clear byproduct of a labor of love. Heart-tugging folk-forward production and unifying vocal performances resonate alongside tender lyrical sentiments. With love and collective talent, We Got a Lot of Love shows exemplary songwriting and impressive musicianship from What in Your Heart Can Put You in a Trance, successfully traversing from heartfelt folk and rollicking blues to bursts of atmospheric nostalgia. (Mike Mineo)