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Mo Douglas Releases New Album This One Flips The Vibe

September 16, 2022

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This One Flips The Vibe is the new album from Mo Douglas, whose entrancing instrumental jams span from the lushly scenic to nostalgically invigorating. The "master chef multi-instrumentalist" for Portland-based label Ten Dollar Recording Co, Mo displays eclectic soundscapes and a perpetual groove-induced engrossment throughout This One Flips The Vibe.

Album opener “Slice a Thin Strip, Pt. 1” exudes a tropical bounce, lush and airy with its mellow guitar pulses and playful keys. Following, "The Most Expensive Restaurant in Portland" shows a cinematic vigor; the suave guitar twangs lead a charismatic sound fit for a Tarantino film (or one of his '60s/'70s inspirations).

Fit for listening during a breezy, sun-shining afternoon, “Many Places To Eat” is further indicative of the album’s caressingly melodic charms. Warming acoustical layers mingle alongside a soaring electric guitar line, with power-pop and psych-rock sentiments on display.

Mariya May's wordless guest vocals appear on the enthusiastic "Ample Room For Grooving," glowing with its brightly nostalgic '70s charm. A weightless and ethereal quality appears amidst boisterous guitars, dashes of flute, and frolicking keys. Expressive, capricious guitar trickles past the two-minute turn add colorfully to the steady rhythm section, also bolstered by soul-clapping.

Preceding This One Flips The Vibe, Mo's extensive back catalog traverses through eclectic stylistic realms, crafting unique instrumental grooves with pieces of funk, soul, rock, jazz, psychedelia, and beyond.

Fry The Onion Gently

Eighth Album by Mo Douglas

Release Date: October 25th, 2021

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Every great recipe starts with a little bit of onion. That sharp and spicy bulb gets just a little sweet when you throw it in some hot oil.

Mo Douglas - the master chef multi-instrumentalist of Portland’s Ten Dollar Recording Co. - does it again, cooking up the groovy instrumental jams and bestowing upon our ears the best recipes for love, all on dog-eared pages fresh from your mama’s favorite magazines. Mo’s perfectly imperfect concoctions are hand-crafted to bring a smile to your face and open up your mind - psych, funk, soul, dub, jazz, garage rock, but most important of all a perpetual groove - swirling throughout the record as the flavors mingle. You know Mo won’t do it all alone, though: Mariya May drops in to “Dance The Long-Haired Dachshund” and even throws a dash of airy flute into the pot on “A Thin Slice of Zucchini;” Peter QB steps into the kitchen with his tenor sax to sprinkle some jazz and class into the mix for an overall chilled-out vibe; and Prince Joely’s synth on “Add The Bay Leaf” (Pt. 1 & 2) adds that extra little something.

Following the brilliantly hazy, lo-fi Society Women Go Slumming, the new Fry The Onion Gently is a more lucid experience, dragging all that freak folk experimentation, globe-trotting sonic spelunking, and bold experimentation out into the light for a high fidelity party from the first sax blow to the final finger snaps.

1. “Serve Piping Hot”

Kicking things off with a blast of smooth sax before launching into a hot, almost-Balkan groove, with little flashes of dubby twists and jazz departures as a warm up before the formal introduction...

2. “Dance The Long-Haired Dachshund”

The all-knowing, soothing voice of Mo welcomes us to the dance party, a sinister American Bandstand for the modern age, shake it all out and let it go, we’re here for the good times.

3. “Chill Thoroughly”

Hypnotic guitars take the lead here, with a subtle groove and a circular sort of meditation, we’re taking a little breather before heading up to the next level.

4. “A Lightly Greased Casserole”

Folk rock made a big mistake by not leaning more into sax. This one proves it - we’re on a journey here and Peter QB’s leading the way as the forest opens up to reveal a waterfall… what, you’re not seeing it yet?

5. “Add The Bay Leaf, Pt. 1”

This is Mo at the Mo-iest. Big bouncy bass, dubby guitars, groovy drums, and sweet synths gluing it all together as a sort of interstitial tune - taking a straight up shift to reggae that often feels imminent but rarely cashed in on, existing between the programs but no less important or crucial to our story.

6. “Wedges of Fresh Lime”

This one flips the vibe - similar ingredients to “Add The Bay Leaf, Pt. 1” but with a different feel, hitting some straight up reggae right off the bat, it picks things up in a bit of an unsettling way.

What are we in for with the second half of this beast?

7. “A Moderately Hot Broiler”

It took a turn. Mo is going for high drama. That sax lays it on thick, going for the gut with some heady 60’s psych rock twists and turns.

8. “A Thin Slice of Zucchini”

We can still hear that rhythm and sax coming through, lingering from the next room, as the acoustic guitars strum and swim through the ambience.

9. “Celery and Hazelnut Soup”

A deconstructed classic rock jam, yacht rock for a dank cave, folk music for the last night on earth, the groove is impenetrable and totally overwhelming.

10. “Add The Bay Leaf, Pt. 2”

An epilogue of sorts, a return to form picking up where we left off earlier, the track almost dissociates at times, pulled back in by that bass to get all the way to the end for some politely appreciative snaps as we find our way out.


Let Knowledge Serve The Sandwich

Sixth Album by Mo Douglas

Released October 3, 2020 by Ten Dollar Recording Co.

Buy/Stream: Bandcamp, Spotify, i-Tunes

1. An Informal Lunch
2. Hound and Hound We Go
3. Serve Garnished
4. Add Hot Pepper
5. Breakfast on a Bun
6. He Was a Detective Y'know
7. The Thick Side
8. Allow to Cool

Society Women Go Slumming

Seventh Album by Mo Douglas

Released April 15, 2021 by Ten Dollar Recording Co.

Buy/Stream: i-Tunes, Bandcamp, Spotify, Tidal

1. You Hired a Detective
2. Oregon Sandwich Guide
3. Luxury Apartment Living
4. Fine Arts Forgery Department, Pt. 1
5. Suggested By The Bestseller
6. Neighborhood Rooster
7. Frying Cakes
8. Fast & Loose With The Rules
9. Fine Arts Forgery Department, Pt. 2
10. Relaxation Grotto
11. In A Saucepan
12. Cook a Farm Fresh Egg

A Little Sandwich in the Night

Fourth Album by Mo Douglas

Released May 1, 2020 by Ten Dollar Recording Co.

Buy/Stream: Bandcamp, i-Tunes, Amazon, Spotify

1. Elbow in the Butter
2. The Ideal Buffet
3. She's Heard of the Merlot
4. 2 Heavy 2 Sandwich
5. Not Ashamed to Dine Alone
6. A Sandwich Runs Through it
7. Who's Hot & Who's Heavy?
8. Everybody Eats When They Come to Mo's House
9. We Dine

Prepare The Sauce [With Mariya May]

Fifth Album by Mo Douglas

Released July 27, 2020 by Ten Dollar Recording Co.

Buy/Stream: Bandcamp, Spotify, i-Tunes, Tidal

1. Herb Omelet
2. In The Trees Again
3. Remembering it Once More
4. Dreamin' it Once More
5. Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba
6. Oooh Oooh Oooh
7. Cucumber Slices
8. Noth1ng 3v3r Chan935
9. Organic Seaweed
10. Dub Reiteration, Pt. 2

Healthy Instrumentals

Second album by Mo Douglas

Released March 20, 2018 by Ten Dollar Recording Co.

Buy/Stream: Spotify, i-Tunes, Amazon, Tidal

1. Peppermint Sauce
2. Cabbage in Sour Cream
3. Avocado Surprise
4. Island Mo
5. Three Bean Vegetarian Chili
6. Grilled Watermelon
7. Seasoned Curly Fries
8. Stuffed Shells With Ricotta and Spinach
9. Kale Salad
10. Mo's Pajamas

Breakfast at The Continental

Third album by Mo Douglas

Released July 10, 2018 by Ten Dollar Recording Co.

Buy/Stream: TDRCO, Spotify, i-Tunes, Tidal

1. Grease a Cake Pan
2. Chopped Tomatoes
3. Breakfast Party, Pt. 1
4. Bananas Baked in Rum and Cream, Pt. 1
5. Dipped Fruit
6. Fill a Pastry Bag
7. Bananas Baked in Rum and Cream, Pt. 2
8. Chestnut Dessert
9. Breakfast Party, Pt. 2
10. Wild Rice and Egg Scramble
11. Mimosas With Mo

VIDEO: "Bananas Baked in Rum and Cream, Pt. 1"

VIDEO: "Stuffed Shells With Ricotta and Spinach"

Mama Owl Can Hear it

Debut album by Mo Douglas

Released November 24, 2016 by Ten Dollar Recording Co.

1. Poached Eggs and Greens
2. Cold Pork Chops
3. Catfish and Grilled Corn, Pt. 1
4. Fried Apple Fritters
5. Strawberry Pancakes and Cream
6. Can You Hear it
7. Dawn at the Dog Park
8. Catfish and Grilled Corn, Pt. 2
9. Mama Owl
10. Sweet Potatoes and Butter

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Mama Owl Can Hear It is a windows-open collection of (mostly) instrumental songs offering mesmerizing, groove-laden rhythms with heavy doses of hummable, layered melodies. The songs are tasteful cocktails of a myriad of influences from the ‘60s and ‘70s that meander through different styles and moods. As a whole however, and under the careful mixologist’s eye of Douglas, the tracks hang together like a well-chosen wardrobe, sharing tones and colors.

“Poached Eggs and Greens,” the album’s opener, is an example of the easy manner of Mo’s genre-blending, and features for it’s lead melody 1960s-era Henry Mancini-like jazz flute. Playful and nostalgic, the effect is refreshing. “Strawberry Pancakes and Cream” keeps a trance-folk vibe going with dub rhythms. Organs and guitars call and respond to one another with counterpoint melodies over an infectious head-bobbing groove. “Mama Owl” ventures into psychedelic territory, and though nods to reggae provide the structure, the song is more of a soundscape. “Cold Pork Chops” stays consistent with the laid back attitude of the other songs, but veers into funkier territory. A drum kit drives the tune with a swinging ‘60s shuffle, and a punchy bassline has the dads biting their lower lips.

There’s plenty of hooks to snag in the mind, and lovers of Charlotte Gainsbourg’s later work or Air’s transcendent Moon Safari should eat this album up. Laid back but not lazy, Mama Owl Can Hear It longs to be the soundtrack to a happy rainy afternoon spent not worrying about too much. (Hutch Hill)

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